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A compelling combination of expertise and resources

In today's completive market it is vital to take advantage of every opportunity out there. Our main objective is to increase the overall hotel's revenue as well as at the same time increasing the share of direct reservations.

To achieve this, we carefully analyse market trends as well as the competition. For this to be feasible we utilise the help of cutting-edge technology.

Sales & Consulting

We aim at all times to achieve the best possible ADR supported by a continuous consultation throughout the season. Taken from the beginning - Loguers consult for better contracts, editing the content, analysing the market and finally provide reservations.

Marketing & Social Media

Loguers are implementing a marketing strategy to promote the hotel as a brand. A continuous development of targeted campaigns, stories, promotions and publications result in creating a community that increases the direct sales.

Tools & products

We build automations, customer engagement and concierge services through web and mobile applications. Combining industry standards tools, we support direct sales protect the security and content of the hotel.

Sales & Consulting

Sales / Revenue & Reservation Management

Strategic Planning

Analysis of current status and definition of future strategy (forecast) / Actions planning

Room types (categories - structure), Rate Plans & Cancelation

Rate policy, Competitive analysis, Position in market

Constant monitoring of competition


We define a selling strategy around the published content of the property. We build a brand that will be stronger year after year

Keep the content of the property updated on all published media for new services, amenities and upgrades

Edit all content that is published in the website and mobile applications of the property

Revenue Management

Commercial management to sell the right product at the right price to the right client at the right time - so as to maximise revenue or yield.

Price definition according to the occupancy.

Constant monitoring of competition.

Opportunity management.

Online Travel Agents / OTAs

Contract negotiation with offline and online travel agents and sales channels

Data import and content creation on all OTAs (descriptions, photographs etc)

Definition and import of pricing policies per channel (OTA)

Sync and operation of Channel Manager for all online channels

Reservation Management

Assistance with guest correspondence.

Daily tasks such us arrival list, opening closing availability.

Contact Email / Phone support & Inquiries.


Activation / Use of special sales tools provided by OTAs.

Packages & Offers. Loyalty program and long stays.

Flash Sales for special offers.

Definition of special rates for groups (for example repeaters).

Financial & Statistical Analysis

Monitoring on a weekly / monthly basis the Hotel’s performance vs set targets.

Strategic proposals based on the performance so relevant actions are taken.

Analysis Booking window / Length of Stay / Price / Country / Channel / Conversions / Availability / Competition.



Marketing & Media

Marketing strategy / Campaigns / Social Media

Web Marketing / Campaigns / Remarketing

Top ranked hotel advertising in all search engines

Stand out from competition and place your hotel ads on the top self of Search Engine results.

Creation and editorial for custom & remarketing campaigns for (early bookings, last minute, period, availability) / Demographics, visitors, clients.

CUSTOM AUDIENCE creation using online & offline tools (local WIFI)

Social Media

Increase your hotel’s exposure over the web and build communities of potential guests for your property through the most sophisticated tactics of using Social Media Networks for hotels.

Reputation Monitoring

We support you to monitor, evaluate and manage all your hotel’s reviews to improve your property’s on line reputation.

Meta Search Promotion

Optimise your hotel’s visibility, conversion and ROI through hotel meta search advertising, allowing guests to check your property in all allocated sales channels.


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